Raetihi top 5

1. Raetihi’s Royal Theatre

Arguably the oldest theatre in the Southern Hemisphere Raetihi’s Royal Theatre is #1.

2. The Waimarino Museum

Catch a glimpse of Raetihi’s past, present and future at the Waimarino Museum. Learn about Raetihi’s great fire, the local community and Raetihi’s vision for a sustainable future.

3. The Glow Worm Grotto

When evening hits stroll down to Raetihi’s very own Glow Worm Grotto!

4. Makotuku River Track

Escape the village and take a serene walk along the Makotuku River Track.

5. Raetihi’s County Market

Taste the Flavours of Raetihi – honey, jams, pies, chutney, relish, locally roasted coffee and sponge cakes….come to Raetihi on the 3rd Saturday of the month & try them all at Raetihi’s Country Market!