Mountain Biking

Raetihi – Your gateway to Mountain Biking

The Central Plateau is home to some of the gnarliest mountainbiking in New Zealand, just ask the Kennet brothers!

The trip through the Mangapurua Valley to the Bridge to Nowhere is a grade 5 ride, and is guaranteed to take your breath away, and not just from the exertion.  The beauty and history of this isolated valley makes it truly one of a kind.

From Raetihi you can either ride to the start of the track, or get dropped off by one of the local shuttle operators, who will pick you up from Pipiriki at the end (after your jet boat ride from the landing).

For those with less time, the Old Coach road is a great ride too, from Raetihi you ride up to Horopito on SH4, taking in the mountain views, past mills, airstrips and market gardens.  Ride the Old Coach road from Horopito to Ohakune, then back along the Raetihi Ohakune road for a well earned rest.