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Waimarino Garden Ramble

Budding new gardener, or hardened expert?  Either way, the garden ramble is a great weekend for checking out other peoples work.  Get some ideas for your own, marvel at things you haven’t tried, meet new people.

$10 gets you entry to all sorts of different gardens in the area.  Check it out on January 27 and 28.  Tickets from the Ohakune I-site, or Angel Louise cafe in Raetihi.

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Town Revitalisation Plans unveiled

Concept Plans for Raetihi town centre unveiled next week

Raetihi residents will get to have their say on what they think of concept plans for township revitalisation at a special launch event at the Barbed Wire Gallery on Seddon St next Thursday 27 April 2017 starting at 6.30pm.

The Raetihi township revitalisation concept plans have been developed by specialist urban designers Bespoke Landscape Architects who have undertaken similar work for Taumarunui and Ohura.

In December last year (2016) Bespoke undertook a ‘walkabout’ with Council staff and the Raetihi Promotions chair to gain insights into Raetihi that have been used to help inform the development of the draft plans.

Ruapehu Mayor Don Cameron said that these initial concept plans should be seen as a starting point for more detailed conversations between the community, Council, Raetihi Promotions, local iwi and other interested parties.

“Bespoke will be at the unveiling to talk through the design ideas and take any comment or questions from people attending,” he said.

“We now need the community to provide feedback on the concept plans to ensure that we get the overall plan right before we make any concrete decisions and consider options for how things can be funded.”

“Raetihi Promotions Chairperson Geoff Anderson said that he hoped that all members of the community take the opportunity to view and make comments and suggestions on the plans.”

“Ultimately we would like to see this lead to a full Raetihi Plan being produced with all other clubs, groups and organisations and building owners contributing,” he said.

“If people cannot make it on the night the concept plans will on display at the Barbed Wire Gallery for two weeks to give everyone a chance to view them and provide comment.”

“The Gallery at 80 Seddon St is open every Wednesday to Saturday from 10.00am to 4.00pm.”

“The concept plans will also be available to be viewed on-line on Council’s website ruapehudc.govt.nz after the unveiling where feedback can also be provided.”

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Town Map Update

In 2010, a town map was produced for Raetihi by Mike at the Raetihi Times.  It’s time for an update!  If you’d like to advertise on the borders of the map, please get in touch with Mike on 3853123, or go and see Trish Smart at the Info Centre.    This is a useful map for visitors and locals alike.  One side is the township, with local points of interest, the other side is a larger map of the Waimarino.

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Makotuku River Walkway

June 2016:  The walkway takes more steps forward.   This clearance is just behind the Raetihi Police Station next to the bridge.

Speaking of the Raetihi bridge… Here is a great shot from the Waimarino museum collection.  Circa 1900, this was the first attempt at a road-bridge on the Raetihi to Ohakune road. It was situated a wee bit north of the present bridge, and didn’t fare that well.

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Royal Theatre Events for 2016

Royal Theatre, Raetihi.

The Annual Waimarino Spring Show returns mid-September.

click on the next line to download a full schedule.

SPRING SHOW Schedule as downloadable word file

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New book for old town

Raetihi Promotions is producing a series of booklets “Raetihi History In Pictures”.
Trustee Donna Journeaux has almost completed voulume 1 and it will be on sale
shortly at Raetihi Information Centre. There is a good archive of photos held by Raetihi
Promotions and Waimarino Museum but if anybody has photos that they think maybe
of interest for future volumes contact Raetihi Promotions via this website. Photos
that we have date back to the founding of the town at the turn of the 20th century.

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