Pump and jump bike Tracks for Makotuku

Raetihi Promotions is busy working on plans for Raetihi Revitilisation. One need that was identified was the lack of a cycle track in Raetihi.

Raetihi Promotions member Steve Gray has got together locals who are enthusiastic about this project, and they have formed a new group, Children Of Raetihi.
The track will consist of two split area’s. One will be a pump track, which develops not only your fitness but your skill level, and the other is a 3 dimentional jumps track with a senior, intermediate and a junior starting point.

Both tracks are limited to the amount of distance one can travel but are assured that they will not be short of fun, excitement and daring.
As well as Raetihi Promotions, the project has the support of Ruapehu Youth Council, Ruapehu Lions and local contractors. The tracks will be below the Police Station next to the Makotuku River Walkway.