Raetihi Swimming Pool Renovation

Hey Swimmers! Chills Off have been hard at work moving the Raetihi swimming pool renovation forward. If you would like the full pdf of the project emailed to you please contact raetihi.pool@gmail.com. Otherwise, read below for details…

The Raetihi Swimming Pools are in need of heating to allow for an improved swimming experience and an extended swimming season. The Feasibility study carried out in 2008 recommended solar heating and pool covers as initial measures to heat the pools. The roof structure to the Changing Sheds is in need of upgrading to provide sufficient structure for the installation of the new solar panels. The interior of the Changing Rooms are also in need of upgrading to meet the current regulations due to the building work being undertaken with the roof.

The Chills Off Committee have been fundraising for a number of years for the installation of solar water heating panels for the supply of hot water to the showers and heating of the pool. They are now in a position to start the process of installing the panels and covers. It is anticipated that this work will be completed in time for the 2012-2013 swimming season. The Chills Off Committee of Raetihi have been charged with the organization of this work. It is anticipated that the proposed work will be carried out in stages as funding allows. The first stage is the replacement of the roof to the Changing Rooms for the installation of the solar heating panels. The new roof will fall to the Parapara Highway side of the building to allow for the disposal of the stormwater away from the building. The solar panels can then be installed on top of the roof in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. The second stage would involve the refurbishment of the changing rooms as detailed on the drawings. Building consent will need to be applied for and full documentation for this is currently being prepared by R Design – Architectural Design of Ohakune. Opportunities will be available for community members to be involved as they see fit, assisting with small parts of the project under the guidance of the main contractor. The Chills Off Committee would appreciate any feedback from the community on the proposed
plans. There are still a fair amount of funds to be raised in order to complete the project and the committee would appreciate assistance from the community to achieve this.

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